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Namibia - August 2009
Peru - August 2008
Christmas Island - July 2007
Borneo - July 2007
India - April 2007
Brazil - August 2006
Tunisia - April 2006
Spain - April 2006
Arizona - August 2005
Greece - August 2005
Burren - May 2005
Poland - April 2005
New Zealand - July 1998
Madagascar - August 1995
Bolivia - August 1994
Australia - September 1991
Galapagos - January 1991

Interesting records

Convolvulous Hawk-moth


Cushion Star

Dyer's Greenwood

Early Bumblebee

Hazel Dormouse

Garden Cross Spider Araneus diadematus

Grass Snake

Hazel Dormouse


Iris Sawfly

Lady Orchid

Painted Topshell

Pill Woodlouse

Pygmy Shrew

Sea Hare

Wild Carrot


Spiny Starfish


Bottle-nose Dolphin

Broad-bodied Chaser

Eurasian Bullfinch

Burchell's Zebra

Chicken of the Woods

Common Frog

Common Raven

Crimson-breasted Gonolek

False Grayling

Honey Fungus

Hawk Owl

Jelly Babies

Mosaic Puffball

Narrow-billed Tody

Nail Fungus

Orange-tailed Clearwing

Purple Club

Reed Leopard

Honey Fungus

Trumpet Gentian

Whooper Swan

Blackening Waxcap

Black-footed Limpet

Common Darter

Common Lobster

Common Crossbill

Cryptocephalus bipunctatus

Dusky Puffball

Fan-bearing Woodborer

Figwort Sawfly

Many-headed Slime Mould

Metatropis rufescens

Oak Cherry Gall


Plumose Anemone

Purple Sandpiper

Common Toad


Lactarius deliciosus

Lesser Stag Beetle

Lion's Mane Jellyfish


Merveille du Jour

Yellow Rattle

Stink Beetle

Radula complanata

Spix's Macaw

The Moon


Namibia - August 2009
A rather pleasant trip with Nigel and Sissel. Took in all of the standard sites, with an extension to the Caprivi Strip at the end. Etosha is as good an african wildlife experience as anywhere else. The Skeleton Coast was interesting and it's a must to take in Welwitschia.



Black Korhaan

Rüppell's Bustard
Peru - August 2008
Loads of lovely birds everywhere. We covered most of the classic areas apart from the Amazon. Nazca Lines and Machu Picchu were bonuses and Spatuletail was the best.

Machu Picchu

Marvellous Spatuletail

Waved Albatross

Inca Tern
Christmas Island - July 2007
The Golden Bosunbirds are a golden-coloured subspecies of White-tailed Tropicbird that only occur on Christmas Island. This pair was indulging in a mirror display for several minutes. All of the pairs displaying at Flying Fish Cove were golden. The white White-tailed Tropicbird
on the island were elsewhere.

Golden Bosunbird
Red-footed Booby - white-tailed brown morph
Christmas Island Blue Crab Discoplax celeste

Christmas Island Frigatebird
Borneo - July 2007  

Probosis Monkey

Kinabatangan River
Tree Nymph
Asian Pied Hornbill   Leopard Cat  
India - April 2007
A ten day trip looking for tigers. We visited Kanha and Bandhavgarh and were successful at both.
Tiger   Chital  
Indian Roller   Nilgai  
Brazil - August 2006
Pantanal and the Amazon. In the Pantanal the Jaguars were after the caiman and we were after them.

Giant Anteater

Hyacinth Macaw

Harpy Eagle



Brazilian Tapir
Tunisia - April 2006
A mammal trip covering most of the country. Rüppell's Fox, Addax and Oryx were the best mammals, Egyptian Nightjar was the avian highlight. A few dragonflies and butterflies finished off a rather fine trip quite nicely.
Wiegmann's Burrowing Lizard   Anthia sexmaculatum  
Bir Soltaine   Julodis aequinoctialis  
Egyptian Nightjar   Scimitar-horned Oryx  
Selysiothemis nigra   West of Douz  
Spain - April 2006
A week in Extremadura. Lots of lovely birds everywhere but Mole Cricket got top billing.
Chapman's Ringlet Lesser Kestrel  
Long-spurred Orchid Spanish Festoon  
Arizona - August 2005
This was a birding trip to all of the classic sites. All of the normal hummers showed up as did plenty of fungi.
Broad-tailed Hummingbird   Convergent Lady Beetle  
Flame Skimmer   Frost's Bolete  
Mojave Rattlesnake   Painted Redstart  
Tarantula Hawk and Desert Tarantula
  Regal Horned Lizard  
Greece - August 2005
Mostly I was in Northern Greece looking for Butterflies.  Mount Phalakron and the Rhodopi Mountains were the main areas. Globe Skimmer and Predatory Bush-cricket were highlights. This was my 13th trip to Europe where I had looked for this Rock Partridge and finally success! It was almost a disappointment - what am I going to look for next?
Grecian Foxglove   European Souslik
Carpenter Bee Balkan Marbled White  
Predatory Bush-cricket   Rhodopi Mountains  
Red-veined Darter   Rose Chafer  
Scarlet Darter   Silver-washed Fritillary  
Burren - May 2005
A bit early in the year for lots of flowers, but there was plenty to enjoy. A superb flying display watching the Fulmars at the Cliffs of Moher.

Early Purple Orchid

Mountain Hare
Common Guillemot
Poland - April 2005
Spring happened while we were there. This was a mammal trip with a few nice birds thrown in. Lynx, beaver and bison were rather special in one trip. I intend to visit one autumn for fungi.

Collared Flycatcher
Eastern Hedgehog

Fomes pinicola
Grass Snake

Map Butterfly
Three-toed Woodpecker
New Zealand - July 1998
My second trip to NZ - one of the best places on the planet. The scenery, people  and wildlife are unique. Tiritiri Matangi was a highlight and I would like to go back there. Seabirds were good on trips out of Kaikouri and Dunedin. Kea's rule!

Taiaroa Head


Buller's albatross
Wandering Albatross
Madagascar - August 1995
A month to explore this paradise of the unusual. Vangas, couas, ground-rollers and lemurs are widely distributed, so a full tour is necessary. We organised a visit to the Masoala Peninsula that had not been visited much before - this was made worthwhile by a sighting of Madagascar Serpent-eagle. Indrii made the ground shake.

Oustalet's Chameleon

Ring-tailed Mongoose
Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Parson's Chameleon
Tomato Frog
Bolivia - August 1994
An excellent four week trip talking in the high altiplano and Lake Titicaca, the Yungas, the Amazon and the Beni savanna. Blue-throated Macaw was a nice end to the trip.

Altiplano Soda Lake

Blue-throated Macaw

Old Corioco Road
Australia - Sept 1991
I bought a Holden and did a tour of Australia. Seabirds were excellent as I got out on two fishing boats and five seabird trips. The interior was warm and dusty.

Inland Dotterel
Red-necked Pademelon

Large-tailed Nightjar

Agile Wallaby
Regent Bowerbird
Galapagos - January 1991
I've done two trips to Galapagos which is a little over-doing it, however, it is the best of the best. I managed to organise a sail-by of Champion to get the mockingbird - must have been one of the first trips to do this.

Isla Bartolomé

Blue-footed Booby

Galapagos Penguin

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

Marine Iguana
Land Iguana

Pacific Green Turtle

Swallow-tailed Gull