Illustrated Wildlife Lectures
I have enjoyed bird-watching all of my life. I worked as a teacher of Information Technology and have been lecturing about wildlife since 1980 on such topics as Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia and Bird Families. I have travelled widely and my concentration on South America in the 90's led me to be one of the founder committee members of the Neotropical Bird Club. My interests broadened to all aspects of wildlife and more recently I became a member of the conservation team at Yardley Chase in Northamptonshire.

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Jeff Blincow - Illustrated Wildlife Lectures (PDF)

Talks from around the world  
Chile Wildlife - Tierra del Fuego to the Atacama
With more than 2500 miles north to south, the cold Pacific to the west and the High Andes dominating the east, Chile offers such a wide diversity of climatic and floristic zones that there is so much to see. Such variety: Tierra del Fuego in the south and the Atacama Desert in the north enabled me to see three species of penguin and several copiapoa cacti on the same trip. As one travels through the landscape you focus has to shift seamlessly from birds to mammals to insects to plants to truly appreciate all that this country has to offer.

Peru - Andes to the Amazon
This lecture will focus on the huge diversity of birdlife on offer, but we will also enjoy a range of other wildlife jewels. This country is very rich for wildlife and I will draw on experiences from three trips over 20 years. Previous trips were spent looking for the avifauna of the high Andes, my most recent trip concentrated on the Amazon basin. There is so much to offer; I will look at some of the more well-known sites as well as some places off the beaten track.

In Search of Wildlife in Bhutan
We will enjoy the dramatic scenery, superb wildlife and unique culture of this 'Land of the Thunder Dragon'. Visiting this small Himalayan country gives you a true flavour of the wildlife of the Himalayas. 70% of the forests still survive in this mountain kingdom giving many opportunities to see species that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Birds and Mammals of the Tibetan Plateau
The Changtang is the name for the Tibetan high plateau located between the Himalayas and the Kunlun: a range of mountains that parallel the Himalayas 6-700 miles further north. The altitude and extremes of temperatures mean only a limited group of species can survive the harsh conditions and I have been lucky to see a good selection of them. Przewalski's Gazelle, Pallas's Cat, Tibetan Fox, Przewalski's Finch and Henderson's Ground-jay were just a few of the highlights.

Ethiopia - Highlands to the Rift
This talk focuses on the unusual cast of endemic birds and special mammals to be seen in the Horn of Africa. We will start on the Ethiopian Highlands and then visit a range of habitats in the Rift Valley to enjoy the wide diversity of wildlife on offer. After visiting the Bale Mountains to see the Ethiopian Wolf we will finish in the south with some classic African scenery and a hunt for the enigmatic Stresemann's Bush-crow.

Mammals of South America
South America does not have the larger herbivores found on the plains of Africa or the big five, but it does have more mammal species than Africa. We will enjoy the wide diversity of species and some of South America's unique orders like the anteaters, sloths and armadillos. We will also look at the impact the rapid increase in the number of humans has had on the distribution and survival of many of these species.

Bird Flight
After a short look at the evolution of flight and avian adaptations for flight, the focus is on an enjoyment of birds in flight. Birds have many different lifestyles and each requires specialist flight skills. This lecture looks at the reasons for flying, the diverse modes of flight and the experts in each field.

Wildlife off the Beaten Track
Travelling the world in search of wildlife has taken me to some very special places. This talk balances the wildlife with the places and the experiences. We start at Angkor Wat in Cambodia and then skip through south-east Asia to Borneo and then on to the harsh environments of Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. The lack of internal flights made a trip to Peru into a driving experience. Despite the difficulties there was still stunning wildlife and scenery!

Talks from the UK

Yardley Chase - Northamptonshire's Wildlife Gem
Yardley Chase is the best recorded wildlife site in Northamptonshire. This lecture will look at the history of the locality to show why it is an oasis for wildlife. The main orders of flora and fauna occurring at Yardley Chase will be covered followed by a look at the future for ‘Northamptonshire's Wildlife Gem'.

A Wildlife Observer's Yearbook
I am interested in all forms of wildlife and this talk looks at the highlights of UK wildlife through the seasons. Most birds breed in spring and early summer, the best flush of fungi are in autumn. As different groups of wildlife focus their efforts at different times of year, so will I.

Top Wildlife Sites in the UK
This is a personal selection of the best places to enjoy wildlife in the UK. The choice of sites is simply based on those places I like to go for a day out to enjoy wildlife. They range from some of the most well-known nature reserves to an obscure hill in Wales. At the right time of year each can offer some great experiences; they have for me!